Climb Higher

Heavyweight Graphic T-shirt

"Attention!!! Here and now. That's what you always forget, isn't it? I mean, you forget to pay attention to what's happening. And that's the same as not being here and now."

In Our Bag

Quality, simplicity, durability. Sewn by good folks in Asheville, NC.

Spotting Crewneck

The comfort of your spotting crew in material form.

We believe climbing is a metaphor for life. Challenging, freeing and meditative. Together, through love & kindness, we can climb higher.


  1. Climb Higher

    by Kelsey Scott

    4/20 jams from the 90s curated by Granola. Climb higher as you journey through acid jazz, art punk, hip-hop and neo psychadelic grooves. Enjoy 😎

    by Kelsey Scott

    "CONFLUENCE" celebrates the climbing history of Little Cottonwood Canyon as if follows the next generation of climbers sending classic lines and establishing first ascents in Little Cottonwood Canyon. The film features Salt Lake City based climbers; Zach Galla, Sean Faulkner, and Toinon Beigne in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

    Directed by Bobby Vannoy
    Produced by SOHI STUDIOS
    Supported by Granola

  3. Crunchy's Dream

    by Kelsey Scott

    Where were the Granola Packs? Why were they sold out for so long? Agent Crunchy's must head to the most mysterious place on earth. Will this search for backpacks provide answers or just more questions?