Want to be in the Granola Climbing Club? Learn the rules-

1. No Pro's Allowed

  • Look, don't get us wrong, we love watching the pro's crush as much as the next person, but this clubs about attitude, not skills. 

2. No Audio Speakers

  • Don't intrude on nature with your noises, man. Seriously, listen to music on your drive home. (The Tanner Wilson Rule) 

3. V-Fun not V-Hard

  • The true joy of climbing is enjoying the natural places and spending quality time with friends and the climbing community. Don't take yourself too seriously out there.  

V-fun from Granola on Vimeo.


4. No Negative Attitudes 

  • This negativity will not stand, man. Being able to climb outdoors is reason enough to have a positive attitude. 

5. Stay Psyched & Pass it on

  • Stay excited and keep doing things that push you beyond your comfort zone. Get others outside and show them the importance of caring for nature. 

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