Our Story


In 2011 after picking up beginner sewing skills in a high school home economics class, brothers, Kelsey and Conner Scott began sewing their own chalk bags and backpacks from upcycled fabric and scrap materials on their mothers sewing machine. Naturally, the skills of sewing aprons and pillowcases learned in home-ec class did not easily translate into the craftsmanship necessary to create quality outdoor gear. The bags were uncomfortable, dysfunctional, and aesthetically unappealing.

As time passed, the brothers continued to make bags–each one better than the last. After a couple of months of sewing, Kelsey and Conner broke their mother's hobby sewing machine and decided to invest in an industrial machine. This investment became the end of a hobby and the beginning of Granola. 

From then to now, our belief in creating quality products designed through experience is still drives our way of thinking. From sewing chalk bags on our mothers hobby sewing machine to our current domestic micro-manufacturing partnerships, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. At Granola we believe in creating products that simply address a need. Our backpacks, bags, and accessories are designed to help you climb higher. 

How and where we make our products is an integral part of our brand. Our team consist of friends and neighbors from local textile and creative communities. We are passionate about how our products are made and who is making them. We feel, that same passion is passed from our brand to our consumers in our finished products.